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Michigan Great Dane Dogs for Adoption
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Rescue Me ID: 16-12-28-00038Bella (female)

Great Dane    Age: Adult

Compatibility: Good w/ Most Dogs, Good w/ Most Cats, Good w/ Kids and Adults 
Personality: Low Energy, Average Temperament 
Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    We would like you to meet Bella! A super sweet tuxedo Great Dane. She is a smaller girl weighing in around 85 lbs. which her foster family thinks most of that is her heart! She is the sweetest, most loving girl. She is currently in foster care and lives with 3 little girls, 5 weims, and outdoor cats. She is terrific with everyone and loves them all. We are not sure what her life was like before she came into GLWR. The amazing group pulled her out of a shelter after she was chased as a stray for a month before being caught by local animal control officers. Due to her unknown history she does need a securely fenced yard and to know she has a ... (Read More)family that she can trust. She was skittish at first and it took a few weeks for Bella to truly open up and let her foster family see her shining personality. Being a long legged beauty, Bella doesn't always realize her true size and likes to believe she can fit anywhere. This includes your lap. She loves to curl up on a bed at night on a soft blanket. She free roams the house and is an absolutely perfect girl. Car rides are a favorite of hers, and of course she needs the entire backseat to be comfortable. Bella is a quiet girl and she likes to sit back, watch and let her foster friends do the barking. But when her people come home she is so excited to talk about the day and loves to start the welcome home conversation! We know that Bella will be a great addition to any home. She has seen some tough days and is so deserving of a forever home of her own. If you think it could be yours, please fill out an application and open your heart and home to this amazing girl. To fill out an application to adopt me, please go to: (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $350 Animal Location:

Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 372
Ottawa County Grand Haven, MI 49417 MAP IT!

Applications Coordinator: 877-728-2934

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Rescue Me ID: 16-09-30-00436Rayden (male)

Great Dane Mix   

Compatibility: Good w/ Most Dogs, Good w/ Most Cats, Good w/ Kids and Adults 
Personality: Average Energy, Submissive 

    Rayden is a wonderful furr friend. I took him in to rescue him from euthanization by his previous owner. Previous owner moved and was unable to take him with them. I rescued him with the understanding that it would be temporary until I could find him a loving home because I work a lot of hours and already have 2 dogs and a cat. Once I got him home and saw how playful and loving he is, I wanted to keep him. Unfortunately one of my other dogs, also a pit bull, didn't like him at all and she attacked him. I had to take him to the vet for emergency surgery that ended up costing me $1600. The vet said he is in good health. After spending that ... (Read More)much money to save him (again), I really wanted to keep him as my own. However, my other dog wants nothing to do with him and because of that he doesn't get to play with my other two dogs. He spends his days isolated and is clearly depressed. I pray someone on here will please open their hearts and homes to this amazing and beautiful lover boy. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $35 Animal Location:

Wayne County Taylor, MI MAP IT!

Crystal Banks 734-365-1054

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Rescue Me ID: 16-09-22-00511Diamond (female)

Great Dane Mix    Age: Puppy

Compatibility: Good w/ Most Dogs, Not Good w/ Cats, Good w/ Kids and Adults 
Personality: High Energy, Average Temperament 
Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    Hi there!! My name is Diamond. I am a happy go lucky, sweet great dane blend who was brought in as a stray to Animal Care Services in San Antonio. I was a little confused at first but excited too as there were so many other dogs there and I LOVE to play with other dogs. I heard them say I was up for adoption. How wonderful I thought, I am going to finally have a family. I waited for 3 days. People would come to see all of us dogs. I would be on my best behavior. Show my sit and my laydown. Show my 'happy to see you' dance and be a quiet girl as polite as can be, but no one took me home. On the 4th day a volunteer came to my kennel with a ... (Read More)leash. I was so happy! Finally it was my turn! A family had picked ME! Would they have a big yard I could run and play in? Would there be another doggie friend I could wrestle with? Would there be a young boy or girl I could call my very own? Would I have a blanket and stuffed animals and a ball and bones? All my FAVORITE things? I was so eager I could not help but pull on the leash...but suddenly we were headed the wrong way, 'this isn't the way to my new family' I thought. And instantly my heart filled with dread. I realized that they were taking me to the room where dogs went and never came back. 'No no no!' I cried. 'I am a good girl! Look at my sit! I'm so pretty Look at my perky ears that pop up when you talk to me and the way I turn my head as if I understand what your are saying. Look at my beautiful coat which has little brindle stripes poking thru my black and white and look at my cute speckles. Look how I can give kisses but only if you ask me to so I'm not rude. Look how I am the perfect size, just 50lbs. Look how fast I run but how good I cuddle! I can fetch your ball, I can sniff out your squirrels, I can lay quietly in my kennel and wait for you to come home from work!! I am a good girl. Please!' But it didn't matter. I was going to that room. And then by some miracle, we stopped, we turned around and later that night I left that place all together. I have been staying with different wonderful people called fosters. We run and play, and we snuggle and sleep!! We chew bones and fetch balls! It has been good but I still wait every single day for a family of my very own. I am a good girl!! If you have a fenced yard and other doggies, or kids (not toddlers because sometimes my play is a little too rambunctious for a toddler) or you'd like me to sniff out some squirrels for you, and you'd like to buy bones and toys and stuffed animals for me and you'd like to love me forever, maybe we can make each others' dream come true! Diamond will arrive around September 1. If you are interested in meeting her, please email for an application so that we may have the process near completion in time for her arrival! We require an adoption application, references, home check and adoption contract. Her adoption fee is $250, and she is up to date on vaccinations, HW negative and taking preventative, dewormed, spayed, and microchipped. Each adoption is considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the dog and their requirements as well as the family and their circumstances. Please email or call if interested. Please, NO TEXT MESSAGES. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $250 Animal Location:

Shiawassee County OWOSSO, MI 48817 MAP IT!

THE DOG FARM 2488249079

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Rescue Me ID: 16-06-01-00614Hogan (male)

Great Dane Mix    Age: Puppy

Compatibility: Not Good with Cats, Good with Kids and Adults 
Personality: High Energy, Average Temperament 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current 

    Hogan is a BIG boy, almost 100 lbs.He loves everyone he meets. He is dog selective, so if you have an existing dog, a meet and greet would be essential. This boy is VERY smart and is a quick learner. Strong on the leash but calms right down after he has a BM. If you have a fenced yard, that solves that issue. Hogan is neutered, Heartworm negative, up to date on all vaccines, parasite-free and microchipped. Contact Streethearts Animal Rescue for an adoption application.

 Adoption Fee: $120.00 Animal Location:

Streethearts Animal Rescue
Genesee County Flint, MI 48504 MAP IT!


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Rescue Me ID: 16-05-06-00517Oliver (male)

Great Dane Mix    Age: Adult

Compatibility: Good w/ Most Dogs, Not Good w/ Cats, Good w/ Kids and Adults 
Personality: Average Energy, Submissive 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current 

    Oliver is 5 years old and loves to go on walks and adventures. He has a great combination of energy and lounging around and would be a great fit for someone who is looking for a best fur friend to go on hikes, runs and walks with. If kids- He would be best in a home with older kids hat can play with him). He loves other dogs and is overall a very entertaining pup!

 Adoption Fee: $100.00 Animal Location:

Kent County Grand Rapids, MI MAP IT!

Brittany Minnesma 6167231924

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Rescue Me ID: 16-04-15-00238Dodger (male)

Great Dane Mix    Age: Puppy

Compatibility: Good w/ Most Dogs, Good w/ Most Cats, Good w/ Kids and Adults 
Personality: Average Energy, Average Temperament 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current 

    Dodger needs a new family. Dodger is an intelligent and happy 13-14 month old Lab/Hound/Pit who was a stray in San Antonio, Texas. During his 20 days at the shelter, they tried to kill him twice!. But he somehow 'dodged' death both times! His collar had grown into his neck and he had mange. No one wanted him because he was afraid of people. But really, he was just shy! You see, Dodger had been neglected and likely didn't spend any time at all with people. He wasn't taught the things young puppies are taught about other dogs, people, and the world. Despite his rough start and bad luck, he healed well and his personality blossomed!! He soon ... (Read More)made the trip to Michigan to look for his forever home. He was listed for adoption and finally, two months later he was adopted!! He had finally found happiness! A new home where people were nice and taught him things like sit, lay down, shake, and twirl. He even had a little brother to play with!! He met their family and friends, got to go on trips and literally found his heaven on earth!! It was the perfect story, a beautiful happy ending!! But, that fairy tale soon ended. The only problem Dodger had was, his legs sometimes hurt. He started limping just a few days before he was scheduled to go to his new adopter. But it was intermittent, inconsistent and not very noticeable. With that in mind and the offer to go to our vet if it continued, Dodger's new Mom & Dad took him to their vet because they said it worsened. Their vet said, Dodger had a very old injury that had caused one bone to stop growing and he would either need to be on steroids the rest of his life (which would eventually ruin his liver) or he could have surgery and they would shave down a bone in his leg, leaving him with one leg shorter than the other one..........we suggested they get a second opinion from our vet. But before we could do that, something really bad happened. Dodger took him and his new little brother, a 4-5 month old shepherd mix, to their in-laws home for a weekend visit. Just a few days after they got home, and a little more than two months after he finally found the love and security he was looking for, he was returned by his new family! Dodger didn't know what he had done wrong to make them stop loving him. He was confused and brokenhearted. 'Wait, wait!!! You forgot me! Where are you going???' he whined. He couldn't understand why they were driving away without him. He was very sad and confused. Why did they return him, you ask? Dodger started being protective over his new family. He just loved them SO much and never wanted to lose them!! He was never taught before how to behave when he felt that way so, he did was he thought he was supposed to do - he warned people to be nice and not hurt them. Dodger's Mom & Dad didn't really know how to handle this and didn't think they could train Dodger how to appropriately communicate. So, they sent him back to us. They say they miss him terribly but we can't understand why they won't even try to fix the problem. We, however, never see this behavior out of Dodger. He has never been aggressive or exhibited any extraordinary signs of resource guarding. So we took Dodger to our vet yesterday at West Flint Animal Hospital. Dr. Baes reviewed the x-rays, examined Dodger and watched him move. He never saw any sign of lameness or an old injury, or anything that would support the first veterinarians diagnosis. His diagnosis is, growing pains. While at the clinic, Dodger was eager to meet all the new people, including the staff, clients and their dogs. He weighed in at a whopping 57 pounds and enjoyed many treats for his excellent behavior!! He even met a couple new doggy friends!! We have had Dodger eleven days and only one slight sign of limping on the tenth day. We have not given the steroids since he has been back in our care, even though his former family sent them along for him. Dr. Baes suggested we not continue with the steroids and instead, administer one baby aspirin if we see any soreness, lameness or otherwise. If it worsens, he would like to see him again. We are also slowly weaning him over to adult food so that he doesn't receive the large amount of protein that is in puppy food and sometimes contributes to growing pains in young dogs. Dodger is a sweet and very fun-loving dog! He is REALLY super laid back, listens well and is a VERY good puppy! He always wants to play with other dogs, enjoys playing with toys and chewing on bones, and loves attention! He shows no food or toy aggression, walks very well on a leash, is crate trained, and almost completely house trained!! He weighs approximately 60 pounds, but is somewhat short in height. He is fully vaccinated, wormed, microchipped, HW- and neutered. He doesn't require a fenced yard but does require a home where he will be a FOREVER member of the family, provided with training (since he is young and acts even younger), and given love and attention on a daily basis. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $225 Animal Location:

Shiawassee County OWOSSO, MI 48817 MAP IT!

THE DOG FARM 2488249079

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PIease Read Before Adopting a Great Dane in Michigan
    Great Dane Dogs can make good pets in Michigan if they match your IifestyIe. The Great Dane is an enormous, but extremely gentle breed often referred to as the Gentle Giant. Great Danes are kind, loyal, and sociable. They need to be around people. Great Danes are gentle, devoted, and wonderful with children, but should be supervised with little ones because of their large size. Great Danes should be well trained as puppies. Great Danes can live in an apartment with enough daily exercise but do best with a large yard.

Rescue Me! - HeIpingAnimaIs in Need.
Great Dane
lnteresting Great Dane Trivia Low-Cost Michigan Spay & Neuter Clinics
    The Great Dane is the tallest dog in the world. Scooby Doo is a Great Dane. A Great Dane named Gibson was put in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World's Tallest Dog in 2004.

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